Friday, November 6, 2009

Welcome to A Talking Bee

I love to socialize and meet new people ~ I am a social butterfly...and my last name is Appleby pronounced Applebee. I am the mother of one and have been married for almost 22 years to a wonderful father and husband Russ. My mom, who I am named after also lives with me. I work
at Lazboy galleries fulltime and also am a Professional Social Expert. I am all over the Web if you google me you will find I am everywhere-- I also am a top seller for Lazboy Furniture and have been a recruiter, Executive Secretary, Business Owner, Recruiter & Sales Trainer, writer, etc...
Looking forward to building this blog and my goal here is to help other people to become stronger in their efforts and what God has called them to do.

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  1. Ruthie I love this! I too am a social buuterfly and my nick name is Princess of Gab! LOL! I really like your blog.