Friday, November 6, 2009

busy day today, and tommorrow I go back to work

I think about work way too much when I am home, but I have gotten so much better at it! I used to be so consumed with my job, so I have to admit I am very proud of myself as I have taken leaps and bounds to finally have a life outside of work. I do love my job, but I have learned to love my private life as well, how many people can say that they love both equally as well?

I went to good ol' Walmart today and Mom and I found the perfect sweaters we have been looking for. I also went out to eat at the Euclid restaurant. They have awesome fish on Fridays. Of course being follow friday, how could I resist? I have to admit, I was getting very consumed with Twitter, once you make some decent friends you start to feel disloyal not getting on there if you miss plus follow friday can really get you excited especially if you love to think of clever tweets. So I guess I am back on the saddle again 5 straight days of work I get 2 weeks of only having to work 3 days ...this was my vacation from work...and you feel out of sync...but I am ready , kinda , to go back to work.

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