Friday, November 13, 2009

Line upon Line....

This has truly been a roller coaster year for me and it isn't over yet! It actually has been my first year in social marketing and networking. It some ways I feel like a 13 year old driving a car don't know what the heck I am doing, but through networking, going to barnes and nobles, asking questions, etc.. and just plain doing it I have learned a lot and have spent a lot of time-
I have a social network
a blog,
a video cam
a flip cam
a head set,
stacks of books etc..

Now besides this I am learning how to organize my thoughts and self on the internet, which is a task! Learning who to network and who not to network with- you want to network with everyone- but we'll talk more about the latter in a blog. Also I have had a great year working at Lazboy, learned a little bit about how to make money on the net, book reviewing -

I have also learned to take care of my mom and family-
interior design etc..
Spiritually- growing etc...

So in a nutshell that's the outcome.

I am going to actually start my new year's stuff now, I like to hit it up before the New Year to gain momentium. Now I am learning how to organize better, I will talk about subjects here and then refer you to the blog that covers the subject in depth. Who knows maybe I will publish a bunch of books one watch me as I grow and keep up with me. I will write my blogs like a book so I can just pull up the manuscript and print it off and send it to a publisher after editing.
So enjoy following me around my blogs and on the net. I felt like the Lord gave me the title for this blog line upon line...we learn line upon line precept upon precept...meaning like building blocks we keep building on what we previously have learned and in small doses.

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