Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mom is getting her own place.

As I sit here in the media room, with the electric heat going in the house, as Russ let the oil run dry, luckily for me it is a warm November. He'll call for heat today. I ' ve been struggling with a bleeding heart lately as Mom has decided to move out. It really is the best thing for her rather than to stay with me as I am gone most of the time working at Lazboy Furniture Galleries. I think of King David who cried out and wrote songs in times of agony. Maybe I can't write or sing a song, but perhaps the words I write may be my song and gift to God. I certainly have a sphere of emotions running through me. deep sadness, joy, contentment as I know this is the best for Mom, anger as I wish she didn't want to move and am I so terrible and is my home that bad that you don't want to live with me? Don't blame make matters worse the heat ran out! I will see if she can spend he night at my sisters but to be honest, we had a furnance problem in the past and we have so many heaters going, momma already told me to turn it down. -- Part of me is glad because it is hard to have someone live with you and it is hard to live with other people. Especially teenagers and old people and I do have a Senior in High School. Loud music the whole gig. I know she doesn't like it when I work lots of hours and that is actually a reward if you are in sales but Momma sees it as time away from her. Financially, well Momma helped set me straight and helped me to learn where to get things cheaper and how to manage my money better. Momma also is a strong woman and she doesn't put up with nothing yet knows when to not bother she has helped me to stand up for myself. Momma and I have a ball together we run and exchange clothing, and go out to eat and have fun. I know it is best for Momma too, because my house is extremely small 900 square feet and it is tough cramming all of us together. Momma also started me off with her old computer and since then I got a new one and actually the best one in the house as we have 3 computers. So I am struggling with all the emotions of having Momma leave. She's only moving about 10 minutes away, it was just that I was so homesick for her, I started to "cling" to her-- and now the Lord must feel I am strong enough to fly. Also Momma too. I don't think Momma would have gotten her place any other way and this is actually going to work beautiful for her. I am glad she is a woman of wisdom and saw this coming and did what she had to do. She almost didn't do it and my brother talked her into it. He's right. Momma has way too much energy to sit around waiting to die at my house. She is moving into a brand new apartment and it is a secure building. There are parties, and other seniors who are well so why should she just coup herself up with me. I also feel, and I mean this in a happy way jealous I mean she is going to move into a great place. All new it's gorgeous and my brother can through a stone at her building so it would be crazy not to take it. She showed me the apartment and it is beautiful. I helped her pick it out and it was the last apartment with a great view. She is going to love it and I want this to be a very happy experience for her. So I need to like I told her focus on the good for her. I look at it this way I had a nice long visit with my mom about 7 months and now it is time for her to start living and me to move forward and start living as well. She is going to love it, and It will make our friendship stronger.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Busy mornings...

Mornings at my house can be hectic but not too crazy..

I get up hours before I actually have to leave for work, I am very fortunate as I only have to be at work by 10 am, I get my son off to school, my husband off to work, my dog out and in , myself ready and my mom is here right now so I help her do her laundry, etc... before work.

Once the snow starts falling- I sit at Dunken Donuts about 3 hours before work. I enjoy my mornings from about 6-10 to myself. I am very lucky that way. Thank you Lord

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Here are some spots to set up a free website

This is great!....

I love this!
I have a you tube channel too, RuthieTalk...subscribe to my channel too and Frosty's :)

doing book reviews...

I have been doing a lot of book reviews lately, It is fun and I am meeting lots of great authors. I read a lot. It is very relaxing. I have been reading a lot of love stories lately. I skip over any "sexy spots" in books, like I do in the movies and just get to the story.

I have been reading a lot of more meaty books techie books, and books that I have to really think so this has been a nice detour for me just to read a book like watching a sitcom. I can't watch TV at work so I use these like TV I found out that these little love stories have been a stress buster at work, as I work in sales and sometimes there can be stress since there have been a lot of changes at work this year. New staff, new system, layoffs, etc..

Love this...

I just love watching this young men worshiping the Lord in the dance...

Friday, November 13, 2009

Listen to the music as you read the blogs...

Be ministered to listen to the music as you read the blogs

Check out blog for top selling

If you would like to be a top seller check out my blog

Bee Godly...

First things first...
I started my blog - If you have a desire to grow into a rich relationship with the Lord you will want to subscribe to this blog.

Line upon Line....

This has truly been a roller coaster year for me and it isn't over yet! It actually has been my first year in social marketing and networking. It some ways I feel like a 13 year old driving a car don't know what the heck I am doing, but through networking, going to barnes and nobles, asking questions, etc.. and just plain doing it I have learned a lot and have spent a lot of time-
I have a social network
a blog,
a video cam
a flip cam
a head set,
stacks of books etc..

Now besides this I am learning how to organize my thoughts and self on the internet, which is a task! Learning who to network and who not to network with- you want to network with everyone- but we'll talk more about the latter in a blog. Also I have had a great year working at Lazboy, learned a little bit about how to make money on the net, book reviewing -

I have also learned to take care of my mom and family-
interior design etc..
Spiritually- growing etc...

So in a nutshell that's the outcome.

I am going to actually start my new year's stuff now, I like to hit it up before the New Year to gain momentium. Now I am learning how to organize better, I will talk about subjects here and then refer you to the blog that covers the subject in depth. Who knows maybe I will publish a bunch of books one watch me as I grow and keep up with me. I will write my blogs like a book so I can just pull up the manuscript and print it off and send it to a publisher after editing.
So enjoy following me around my blogs and on the net. I felt like the Lord gave me the title for this blog line upon line...we learn line upon line precept upon precept...meaning like building blocks we keep building on what we previously have learned and in small doses.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I will always say Merry Christmas! I believe the reason we celebrate Christmas is because of the birth of Jesus. I won't get deceived into stop my freedom of religion! I celebrate Christmas to worship and that is the reason for the season it is because of the birth of Christ. I just want to encourage you not to fall into the hype and lose your faith but to say it loud and say it proud Merry Christmas!

Want to make a button to make so people can grab it...

Believe it or not, I do not know how to make a button for people to grab to put on their blogs!
If anyone knows how to do this please direct message me or comment below and help me out
by showing me how to do this. I would like to make a button so that people can grab it and put
it on their blogs like the ones you see in my sidebar here. Do you know how to make a button?

You will be blessed as you see this video

I loved this, I found it on youtube - What a blessing these young artist are! It is great to see the talent that the Lord uses. Imagine how wonderful heaven is going to be with all the various styles of worhip. I can hardly wait to be there!

Come to world's largest blog carnival

World's largest Blog carnival is being held at - come share your blog and invite your friends to share thier blogs as well. I am inviting people that I think would be great to hear from to join the blog carnival...if you know anyone that you feel would be fun to hear from in a blog please invite them to come be a part...Looking for bloggers of all types...famous people, moms, new blogs...vlogs, let's enjoy reading all the fun blogs especially over the Holidays this will be fun as some of the blogs will have Holiday themes. Carnival is running now and ends January 10th.

Chad Vader....

I admit it! I am a Chad Vader fan! If you haven't seen Chad Vader yet, you can see this guy
that wants to rule the grocery store! My son Russell actually got me hooked on Chad. Sometimes
you just need a good laugh and Chad always gives me a good laugh as he acts so serious about
ruling the grocery store where he works. Then of course he has a silly song out too, Chocolate Rain.
I do enjoy hopping all over the internet and finding all the fun talent out there!

I love Christmas

I love Christmas so much that I am already celebrating! I even put a wreath on my front door, I am one of those people that just loves Christmas. I usually like to take a week in the summer and watch Christmas movies too, I think I did that too.

All the stores in my area are already decorated for Christmas and the radios are actually playing Christmas music now too. It seems early but it is probably because I have been busy. So join me and bring out your tree and start celebrating the Holidays with me!

Australian Bachlors, Sassy Brides

Australian Bachlors, Sassy Brides by Margret Way and Jennie Adams

Two little love novels all wrapped up in one book~ A interesting little read for the day! I took this book to Lazboy, where I work and read the entire thing in a day. One of my favorite ways to read a book.
The first book "The Wealthy Australian's Proposal" by Margret Way a young girl Nyree Allcott who inherits a old home next to Brant Hollister who is a property developer with mega bucks!
Brant falls in love with her and we see the strength of character of Nyree as she steps to the plate with and takes her stand for herself and for Brandt. You will love the australian background.
Inherited by the Billionaire by Jennie Adams - We see Gideon a man of wealth asked to take care of the gardner's daughter. Callie realizes she loves Gideon and approaches him not realizing he is engaged to be married. They have a brief moment until Diana the wife to be shows up! Gideion chases Callie telling her it was all a mistake and then Callie is shipped off to live with Mary. Life moves on and Gideon and Diana marry and divorce as the marriage was one not of love but of status. At Mary's wedding - Callie and Gideon meet again...and don't separate as time and time again they end up together and realize that the love they have between them is for real and forever.

Two interesting reads with backgrounds in Australia.

Healing is for you by Frances Hunter

Every person should "own" this book! Written by Frances Hunter. You will feel the annointing of the Lord as you read the book. Francis speaks about how healing is for you- The title of the book and in the back of the book there are Scripture references that you can memorize. Over and over in the book she is sharing how you can be healed before you read the end of the book. Francis prays for you over and over again. I believe God's power can touch and heal you right as you read this book. My parents Leon and Ruth Yingst met the Hunters and told me what wonderful people they are. I didn't know it, and I wrote to them and they sent me 2 books just to be bless me without knowing me I didn't even ask for the book so what a wonderful surprise! I believe God uses them in a mighty mighty way with His power. I have actually had this book a couple years -- Pray for the Hunters and like I said I think everyone should read this book. I am sharing this book right now with someone I know who needs healing. The Happy Hunter's Website is

Sales, traffic, etc...

I wrote some about this, this morning on my blog at my social network and thought I'd write here as this is my new blog and I want to be able to help everyone be successful. I have had trouble with blogger, but I still like it for now, I mean after all it's free right?
Here are some ways to get yourself successful over the Holidays and into the new
year, right now you are going to see people you normally wouldn't and everyone is "programed so to speak to shop, shop, shop".

I learned a lot of this from Lisa Wilber from Avon She has a great books out on marketing and you can purchase these from Lisa by going to
Lisa also does speaking engagements for groups, if you need her she is awesome :)

Put posters,
car signs,
leave business cards flyers, etc... everywhere you go!

Just don't stop.
Please feel free to comment in the comments here as well any ideas you have.
wanted to give you some encouragement and ideas to keep pressing forward.

Ruthie Appleby
Social Media Guru

Saturday, November 7, 2009

back to work

Back to the grind of working at Lazboy~ took a few days off, but it really feels great to be back at work and to see all my customers there and to help people design their rooms. I have to admit, I love selling Lazboy furniture. Honestly, it is so beautiful and well made how can I help it.
I also go to school on the side for Interior Design besides the regular training Lazboy gives us. All that said, it feels great to be back at work. When you are a sales person you just feel out of sync if you miss a few days of work and I just finished my vacation for the year so I was eager to go back to work.

Check my side bars out

I wanted to add some other interesting sites for you to enjoy so you will want to check out the side bars of some of the blogs I enjoy reading as well.

World's Largest Blog Carnival at RuthieTalk!

I am so excited to be sharing with everyone The World's Largest Blogging Carnival that is starting today at - Please help me share the news to all your friends!-Twitter, facebook, my space, co-workers, etc... It will be exciting to see how this helps us all build our blogs!

Friday, November 6, 2009

busy day today, and tommorrow I go back to work

I think about work way too much when I am home, but I have gotten so much better at it! I used to be so consumed with my job, so I have to admit I am very proud of myself as I have taken leaps and bounds to finally have a life outside of work. I do love my job, but I have learned to love my private life as well, how many people can say that they love both equally as well?

I went to good ol' Walmart today and Mom and I found the perfect sweaters we have been looking for. I also went out to eat at the Euclid restaurant. They have awesome fish on Fridays. Of course being follow friday, how could I resist? I have to admit, I was getting very consumed with Twitter, once you make some decent friends you start to feel disloyal not getting on there if you miss plus follow friday can really get you excited especially if you love to think of clever tweets. So I guess I am back on the saddle again 5 straight days of work I get 2 weeks of only having to work 3 days ...this was my vacation from work...and you feel out of sync...but I am ready , kinda , to go back to work.

Check out all the blogs on the side bars :)

You will find some great info there!

Looking forward to hopefully connect with more bloggers :)

I am a huge coffee drinking

I have been thankful for a great cup of joe in the morning. I have been drinking coffee since I have been a kid, I guess I really got hooked on it when I worked for a pastor Danny Maynard. We would drink lots and lots of coffee throughout the day so It just became a way of life for me. I don't smoke or drink. Usually after 4 pm I won't drink coffee it gives me a belly ache :)

I think blogger is down...hmmm...

I want to follow some blogs but I think blogger is down. I am having a blogging carnival over at my social media site so if you want to join some blogs or read some blogs you will want to go over there and check things out.

Ruthie :)

Welcome to A Talking Bee

I love to socialize and meet new people ~ I am a social butterfly...and my last name is Appleby pronounced Applebee. I am the mother of one and have been married for almost 22 years to a wonderful father and husband Russ. My mom, who I am named after also lives with me. I work
at Lazboy galleries fulltime and also am a Professional Social Expert. I am all over the Web if you google me you will find I am everywhere-- I also am a top seller for Lazboy Furniture and have been a recruiter, Executive Secretary, Business Owner, Recruiter & Sales Trainer, writer, etc...
Looking forward to building this blog and my goal here is to help other people to become stronger in their efforts and what God has called them to do.