Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sales, traffic, etc...

I wrote some about this, this morning on my blog at my social network http://Ruthietalk.ning.com and thought I'd write here as this is my new blog and I want to be able to help everyone be successful. I have had trouble with blogger, but I still like it for now, I mean after all it's free right?
Here are some ways to get yourself successful over the Holidays and into the new
year, right now you are going to see people you normally wouldn't and everyone is "programed so to speak to shop, shop, shop".

I learned a lot of this from Lisa Wilber from Avon She has a great books out on marketing and you can purchase these from Lisa by going to http://LisaWilber.com
Lisa also does speaking engagements for groups, etc..so if you need her she is awesome :)

Put posters,
car signs,
leave business cards flyers, etc... everywhere you go!

Just don't stop.
Please feel free to comment in the comments here as well any ideas you have.
wanted to give you some encouragement and ideas to keep pressing forward.

Ruthie Appleby
Social Media Guru

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