Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Australian Bachlors, Sassy Brides

Australian Bachlors, Sassy Brides by Margret Way and Jennie Adams

Two little love novels all wrapped up in one book~ A interesting little read for the day! I took this book to Lazboy, where I work and read the entire thing in a day. One of my favorite ways to read a book.
The first book "The Wealthy Australian's Proposal" by Margret Way a young girl Nyree Allcott who inherits a old home next to Brant Hollister who is a property developer with mega bucks!
Brant falls in love with her and we see the strength of character of Nyree as she steps to the plate with and takes her stand for herself and for Brandt. You will love the australian background.
Inherited by the Billionaire by Jennie Adams - We see Gideon a man of wealth asked to take care of the gardner's daughter. Callie realizes she loves Gideon and approaches him not realizing he is engaged to be married. They have a brief moment until Diana the wife to be shows up! Gideion chases Callie telling her it was all a mistake and then Callie is shipped off to live with Mary. Life moves on and Gideon and Diana marry and divorce as the marriage was one not of love but of status. At Mary's wedding - Callie and Gideon meet again...and don't separate as time and time again they end up together and realize that the love they have between them is for real and forever.

Two interesting reads with backgrounds in Australia.

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